Malawians speak out on K145m Mutharika probe

Malawians have expressed different views on the suspected Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) probe on allegations that President Peter Mutharika benefited from money amounting to K145 million from a government contract.

The money was allegedly deposited into the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) bank account.

The controversy follows a leaked alleged ACB document detailing the deal between the Malawi Police Service (MPS) and Pioneer Investments which, by that time, had a contract of supplying food rations to police.

It all Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) followed by the Leader of Opposition, Dr Lazarus Chakwera demanded either the immediate resignation of Mutharika or his impeachment.

Random interviews by YFM in the streets of the capital, Lilongwe, have discovered that Malawians have different views on the issue.

“As regards impeachment, the impeachment process is part and parcel of the constitution of this country, what is at stake is that the people that are pushing for the impeachment they have to improve that the grounds are reasonable,” said one man.

While others are of the view that the President should resign, others think those who are calling for the immediate resignation of the president are doing so to satisfy their political ambitions.

“There should be proper investigation on that money, and after the investigations, everything will come out clearly, but I don’t agree that the president should resign because elections are near, or else, the rest is just politics at its best,” added another woman.

“This DPP led government has failed this nation, and what is important for the president is to honourably resign and pave way for smooth investigations, otherwise Malawians are the ones suffering because it’s their tax.”

However, through a press statement, State House spokesperson Mgeme Kalilani, said the money was given to the DPP in form of a donation, and the president is just a sole signatory.

“All withdrawals from that account are used for the project and the party. His Excellency Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika has never personally benefited from funds in that account,” Kalilani told the media.

“All transactions in that account are documented and the party has receipts for them.”

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