Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust encourages health seeking behaviour

Malawi-Liverpool Wellcome Trust(MLW) has partnered with Liverpool football club in this year’s Kafukufuku festival.

The festival is a platform where MLW disseminates research findings to the community and other health related activities which the organization is undertaking.

In an interview with YFM, MLW’s science communication manager Rodrick Sambakunsi said this year they are targeting youths with a football tournament and showcasing of a film on HIV self-testing in order to demonstrate the importance of knowing one’s HIV status.

“We are using football as a means to communicate on health research studies which our organisation is working on and since most youths are sports fanatics we thought this would be ideal.”

“About 30 teams from 52 villages in our impact area of Chikwawa  will compete in the tournament and the best two will face each other in the finals,said Sambakunsi.”

3 coaches from Liverpool will assist the teams in preparing for the football tournament and MLW has also been in talks with the Football Association of Malawi on the project.

This is the second time MLW has organised an event of this nature.

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