Malawi making strides in NCDs fight

Malawi is making strides in the fight against drug and substance abuse as a precautionary measure to Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in the country.

Malawi Health Equity Network-MHEN Executive Director George Jobe said Malawi has managed to make strides in avoiding the same by among other things putting a ban on liquor sachets.

“Non-communicable diseases are linked with behaviors like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption,” Jobe told YFM in an interview.

“We have seen efforts especially a ban on liquor which were in small packages, there have been some talks on non-communicable diseases that there are linked with some behaviors like smoking as the packaging companies gives information on the dangers of it.”

However, Jobe expressed dissatisfaction on lack of designated places for smoking to protect the general public from consequences of smoking.

“In our hotels and lodges we do not have rules that govern other countries tourism sector where smoking in not allowed in a room,” he said.

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