New police campaign to reduce road accidents

Police says they are embarking on an awareness campaign in a bid to reduce road accidents that are caused by over-speeding in the country.

Speaking to YFM, National Police Publicist James Kadadzera said besides other causes of road accidents, over speeding tops the list hence the road traffic officers are ready to bring to book all drivers found in conflict with the law.

“There many factors that causing accidents in Malawi like non observance of road signs careless overtaking but over speeding is a major cause of road accidents,” said Kadadzera

He said they are providing awareness specifically to drivers that the traffic police will bring to book drink and drive drivers using hand-held breathalysers and those who will be cruising unnecessarily will be tracked by speed traps.

He therefore appealed to all road users to observe road signs to reduce unnecessary accidents which claim lives and properties.

“We should not reach an extent of arresting each other but just follow the required speed limit to prevent injuries and damages to our vehicles,” said Kadadzera.

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