Analysts: ‘Lack of unity deterring development’

Political and social analysts have lamented the lack of unity among leaders that continues to hinder the country’s development.

In an interview with YFM, Emily Mkamanga cited the shunning of some opposition party leaders at this year’s 54th Independence Day commemoration in Mzuzu where Malawi president Peter Mutharika was in attendance.

President of Freedom Party Khumbo Kachali was the only opposition party leader who was present at the commemoration.

Mkamanga said most opposition party leaders shun the event because in most cases the commemoration is politicized by the ruling party citing the trend of wearing party colours at the event.

On his part, Mzuzu based social commentator Peter Mumba suggested that whether invited or not their absence shows lack of unity among leaders in the country.

Mumba recommended that political leaders should start unifying citizens without considering their political differences especially as we draw closer to tripartite elections in 2019

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