China – Africa youth aims to strengthen relations

The 3rd China – Africa Youth Gala has ended in China with calls to promote a win- win cooperation as a way of enhancing cordial relationship that exists between China and Africa. 

Addressing delegates to the festival during a round table discussion, one of the Malawi’s youth representative, Chimwemwe Kaonga emphasized on the need for China – Africa youth to learn from each other and develop together.

Kaonga, challenged the youth to take up leadership and responsibility in driving the economy of their countries by coming up with innovation and investing into entrepreneurship.

“I would like to remind you that few decades ago, China was like most of our African countries, its rapid growth over the past half century is one of the most striking examples that should challenge Africa regarding the impact of opening an economy up to global markets,”said Kaonga.

He observed that China has undergone a shift from largely an agricultural society to an industrial powerhouse thereby increasing productivity and wages that have allowed it to be amongst leading economies of the World.

Speaking earlier, Ambassador for China – Africa Cooperation, Zhou Yuxiao said China’s ties with Africa have a rich history that needs to be valued at all cost for mutual benefit.

He singled out Africa’s role in the restoration of China’s seat in the United Nations and helping to foil the anti-China resolution at the UN Human Right’s Council among others.

Yuxiao then called for concerted efforts in harnessing Africa’s youth bulge to speed up economic growth.

Said Yuxiao: “The future lies into tapping the digital revolution and encourage young entrepreneurs to develop products and services that transform agriculture, business, and healthcare and transportation systems.”

Commenting on the youth festival, Assistant Director for International Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign affairs, Bertrand Khanyizira said the festival was an opportunity to strengthen relations, establish networks amongst the youth and finding solutions to the challenges facing China and Africa.

Held under the theme “Connecting the Dreams of the Youth and Creating a New Era for China – Africa friendship”, the festival brought together 205 youth leaders from China and 54 African members of the Forum on China – Africa Cooperation (FOCAC).

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