Cheetahs rise to 15, Malawi’s tourism sector gets a boost

Malawi’s tourism sector is expected to get a boost following the birth of three cheetah cubs at Liwonde National Park.  

With the birth of the baby cheetahs, the population of the endangered species has risen to 15 in just a year.

According to Liwonde National Park officials, this is part of a larger restoration of cheetahs following the extinction of the species two decades ago.

Through efforts by African Parks and the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT), a small founder population of Cheetahs was successfully translocated from South Africa to Liwonde National Park in 2017.

“History has been made again, as the new additional cubs have been born to these Cheetahs, making the population rise to 15 in just a year, this is a conservation milestone,” reads part of the statement.

The rise in the population of these cheetahs has a big bearing on the country’s economy as tourists both local and international will be flocking to Liwonde to see these cheetahs thereby making monetary contribution in the process.

Historically, human-wildlife conflict and poaching severely reduced the nation’s predator populations, entirely eradicating cheetahs in the country.

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