Mzanga wa Nyatwa draws youth attention!

Zathu Pa Wailesi has expressed satisfaction with the feedback the Mzanga wa Nyatwa Competition received during the first four weeks of the season 3.

The gratification follows the Mzanga wa Nyatwa Grand Finale that has seen a 16-year old outgoing Form Four student, Thomson Mlenga from Nathenje, Traditional Authority Kalumbu in Lilongwe, who nominated his female friend Legeliah Sekelani, emerging as the grand prize winner.

According to Thomson, his fantastic friend is Legeliah because she has taught him that when they are together in a group, everyone should be able to voice out their thoughts deprived of him being the one dominating.

Thomson compared Legeliah to Chikondi as she told T-reel, both of Zathu Group, not to overshadow when the band was composing a song.

“Similar to the way Chikondi told T-reel not to dominate when the band was composing a song as he only wanted his lyrics to be in it and also his idea that the band should go and play at the bar,” explained Thomson.

Thomson was given a chance to choose a school or youth centre he is associated with, for him to meet and chat with Zathu Cast with his friends and family.

Thomson decided to acknowledge this recognition to his former school, Kalumbu Community Day Secondary School located in Nathenje.

During the event both Thomson and Legeliah received Zathu bags, Zathu Speakers, Zathu note books,and Zathu T-shirts.

In addition to that, Kalumbu CDSS was the venue for another astonishing Zathu Band performance, whereas the band performed their favourite songs in accordance with Thomson and Legeliah playlist.

The competition was aimed at celebrating the platonic friendships that young people, especially those that listen to Zathu Pa Wailesi have.

The competition received immense response with young people mentioning who their coolest friend (Mzanga wa Nyatwa) was and how their friend has similar traits with a Zathu pa Wailesi character.

The weekly winners totalled up to 34 from across the country. The winners were selected for the reason that their responses were in line with Zathu themes and the characters from the Zathu drama.

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