Nokota tackles child abuse in new single ‘Mfuwu’

At the age of 22, Nokota, real name Maria Milonde, has already started tackling issues of different forms of child abuse in her music.

Her latest release, Mfuwu, which has been produced by high flying Dj Sley, joins the multitude of other numerous tracks that seek to talk to those who care to listen about the dangers of abusing children and denying them the right to education.

The Lilongwe based singer says her main focus is on the orphaned girl child who has become so vulnerable to a number of inhuman acts like rape, child labor and exploitation.

In the first verse she sings “Mwana wa nzako ndi wako yemwe, usamuphere tsogolo, mtetezeni musamuphere tsogolo lake”

Nokota, who is trying to amplify the voice of the child in this slow easy flowing melody, calls for all the relevant stakeholders to play their part in protecting children and giving them the opportunity to claim their space in a classroom.

“Many children drop out of school because of the protection issues, and it is worse for a girl child. When a child is being abused it is very difficult for them to attain education and the psychological effect is so devastating,” Nokota said.

She says as a musician, and a young woman who has witnessed some of these abuses happening to other children, it is her responsibility to contribute to the fight against the malpractice through music which has the power to break boundaries.

“We will have to address issues of teen pregnancies and early marriages and music is one way of sensitizing the masses on the dangers of such.”

Like many other musicians across the globe, Nokota started singing in a church choir at the age of 9 and she continues to push in a drive to make a mark in the music circles.

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