CEPA urges care for trees

Center for Environmental Policy and Advocacy (CEPA) has expressed the need to prevent bush fires in a bid to sustain the country’s environment.

CEPA Executive Director William Chadza said bush fires are rampant in the summer because of mice hunters and charcoal burners.

“Main thing during this period and next few months is about bush fires caused by different activities taking place in the communities like people doing hunting and killing mice,” said Chadza.

He therefore appealed to the general public to clear bushes in the forests and make fire breaks to prevent bush fires.

“We should make sure that we have cleared in our plantations or any areas which we have planted our trees so that they are protected from these bush fires,” Chadza said.

He added that the protection of trees by creating fire breaks should not be done only to newly planted seedlings but also siblings from areas where trees were cut preciously to ensure quick re-forestation.

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