VSLAs improve people’s lives in Zomba

Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs) are said to be one of the keystones towards improving lives of people in the country.

Community Mobilization Coordinator for Youth Net and Counseling (YONECO) Jacob Nyirongo made the sentiments in Zomba on Saturday during the share-out event organized by a group of women operating under the organization.

Nyirongo said since the establishment of the VSLAs astounding progress has been made in improving lives of people and the culture of saving has been encouraged.

“These women have been able to balance up family issues not depending just on the husband to support the family like paying school fees,” Nyirongo said.

He added that apart from enhancing their financial stability they also able to discussion issues that affect them in their lives like gender based violence and how to care for their families and children.

Concurring with Nyirongo, the secretary for Chitsanzo group Patricia Gondwe Mpango expressed excitement saying the money she has got will help her support her family in buying basic necessities.

Gondwe therefore called upon all women who do not participate in VSLAs to join in large numbers for them to be financially stable.

“This money I will use it for school fees, business growth and rents, my advice is we need more women for empowerment and sustainability of our families economically,” Gondwe said.

On his part, the Centre Manager for Chinamwali Drop-in Centre, Happiness Chanunkha said he was very excited because the women have realized many benefits from village savings and loans groups.

He therefore disclosed that plans are underway to run a big business at a group level.

“Our women have come up with around 6 million Malawi Kwacha, they will buy plots, open and salon and we are planning to invest our money like opening tailoring shops, buying minibuses and maize mill to be owned by the groups,” Chanunkha said.

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