Poet Menes Le Plume set for stage return this weekend

Congolese born poet Tresor Nzengu Mpauni who is widely known on stage as Menes Le Plume is set to return on stage after his two years break which he was focusing on his personal growth and Initiatives.

Menes who is also the founder of the Tumaini letu festival which is a cultural festival which takes place at Dzaleka refugee camp is expected to dash out his new works at the set show as he is freshly coming from his ever international performance in Poland at the Brave festival an event which aims to promote marginalized arts from across the world.

Menes Le Plume multi lingual poet who came to Malawi and stayed at Dzaleka refugee camp in 2008 and performs in Swahili, French, English, Lingala and Chichewa.

According to Le plume preparation for the show are at an advanced stage and that him and the band are busy rehasing for the show.

“I am very excited for the show me and my band we are set for the show and that people should expect a show rich in colour and inspirations,” said Le Plume.

After the show Menes says he will focus much working on the upcoming Tumani festival coming up later this year and other international tours next year.

He released his debut album in 2015 “Far from Home” and has maintained his stage appearrances as a poet and musician on the most top Malawian events such as Lake of stars, Ufulu Festival and Blantyre Arts festival.

The show for his return on stage has been dubbed Unchained words and will take place at the Cuneco Cafe inside the Lilongwe wildlife center on Saturday the 18th of August and will be supported by acts like Kim of diamonds and Deo Maniva who is a singer and a guitarist from Mozambique.

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