Zomba City Council approves new bylaws

Zomba City Council has adopted and approved new bylaws that will help govern the city in a bid to accelerate development in the country.

Speaking after the full council meeting that was held on Monday at the city council’s chamber, Mayor for the city, Christopher Jana said the bylaws have been revised and adopted in order to meet the current needs of the city’s residents.

“The bylaws have been revised and adopted following various concerns from our residents that the laws which have been in existence no longer meet the people’s demands as times have changed,” he said.

“These newly approved laws will help us to deliver our duties accordingly and diligently which will enhance some development activities in the city because we now have proper guiding tools,” he added.

In his remarks the Executive Director for Bwalo Initiative who represented Civil Society Organizations, Rodgers Kaunda said though the bylaws have been adopted, the city council has a mandate to fully articulate and enforce them so that they are really effective at all costs.

“This is a very positive development but however the council should bear in mind that they have a responsibility to fully articulate and enforce the laws so that they should really benefit the citizens,” he explained.

On the other hand, representative of people with special needs, Emmie Chiumia expressed satisfaction with the adoption of the new bylaws saying they will help to promote inclusive education in the country.

“For so long people with disabilities have been neglected in terms disability friendly structures, which has negatively affected most children in terms of accessing quality education, the adoption of these bylaws will surely enhance inclusive education,” said Chiumia.

The newly adopted bylaws include laws on education that among others highlights on free education for all children, human resource laws, planning and development laws, health and environment laws, transport and traffic laws and trade and commerce laws.

Meanwhile the adopted laws will be sent to the ministry of justice for validation and approval before they start being implemented on the ground.

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