Sim card registration will not to be repeated

Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) has dismissed claims that the on-going sim-card registration process will be repeated following the missing of mobile subscriber’s information in the system.

MACRA’s Spokesperson, Clara Mwafulirwa dismissed the rumours in an interview with YFM and has since advised the general public to verify if their sim card has been registered through operator’s issued codes.

“The operators have given codes to the general public in which anyone has to verify if the Sim-card is registered or not and if it turn out to be unregistered one is advised to re-register,” Mwafulirwa explained.

She however urged all telephone subscribers to go and register before the closing of the exercise on September 30, 2018.

He warned that failure to do so will lead to deactivation of their phone lines.

“We are advising the general public that failure to register by October 1 will result in sim-card deactivation since 30th September is our deadline,” she said.

The service providers has warned to fine any individual found using unregistered sim-card after the deadline.

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