Demos set, Police assures tight security

September 21 national wide demonstrations were slowly turning into a house hold name.

Shifting of days for the demonstration and calls for audience with president and cabinet ministers that never happened are some of the issues that made the demos almost popular.

But one thing that got into debate each time issues of demonstrations are mentioned is about security of those to participate in the planned demos; this is what YFM online sought from the Malawi Police Service.

In their take to this, national police publicists, James Kadadzera told YFM – that police will provide maximum security in all the major four cities of the country to ensure peaceful demonstrations.

“Let me assure Malawians here that as Malawi police service we are ready to spur security in order to ensure tight security,” Kadadzera said.

He also assured Malawians that no live ammunition will be used, therefore protection of human life will be guaranteed.

“This is 2018, let us not dwell in the past, the fact that some people died during demonstrations in 2011should not mean that people will always be killed no, it may be interesting to know that 2011 we have had demos but nobody was killed so no one should panic,” he added

A group of Civil Society organizations under Human Rights Defenders Coalition are taking to the streets pressing issues that President Mutharika’s lead administration failed to address in the previous ten-point petition that the CSOs presented.

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