Politicians branded ‘opportunists’

A political expert in the country, Ernest Thindwa has labelled some Malawian politicians as “opportunity seekers”.

Thindwa said this is manifested the move by some political parties barring aspirants from contesting as independent candidates if they lose in the primary elections.

“This signifies that there is no party royalty among party members which oblige the people who lose the primaries to switch sides hence the parties have resorted in controlling the inter-party movements,”Thindwa told YFM.

His sentiments follows concerns by some aspirant women candidates for parliament and ward councillor in Karonga that the move will contribute to the failure of the 50-50 representation.

However, speaking on the same, Communications specialist for the Malawi 50-50 Campaign Management Agency, Wisdom Chimgwede said it is everyone’s right to contest and participate in every political party hence women should not be discouraged.

He said much as the admit the move will in some way affect the 50-50 campaign, the party has no mandate to bar people from contesting on every position.

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