Govt removes tuition fees for public secondary schools

Government has announced that students in public day secondary schools will no longer pay school fees.

Principal Secretary in the ministry Education, Science and Technology, Justin Saidi government has abolished Tuition fees, Textbook Revolving Fund and General Purpose Fund for all public secondary schools effective January 1, 2018.

Saidi said following the announcement students from all government boarding schools are the only ones who will be required to pay boarding fees.

“What it means is that students in public day secondary schools will no longer be required to pay any fee but for those in government boarding schools are expected to pay boarding fees which cover for food and other basic necessities,” Saidi said.

“For both day and boarding secondary schools, there is an element of school development fund, the students are expected to pay only when there is a development project and when the project is through they are supposed to stop.”

Saidi added that the development means that the controversial tuition fee suspension which was announced earlier this month has been lifted.

“Students are no longer required to pay and that come next academic term no student is expected to pay any school fee,” he said.

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