Science needs more women

Women participation in science issues is still low despite various interventions to get the numbers up.

The remarks have been made as Malawi has joined the African continent to commemorate the “Science week”.

Chikondi Shaba, Next Einstein Forum ambassador and chemistry lecturer at Chancellor College told YFM that science is a critical element in the development of a country and requires participation from all persons.

“There are a few women involved in science because they do not have a platform to showcase their capabilities as such their efforts are not rewarded,” said Shaba.

“If we are to migrate to solar energy, this is all part of science and this can help reduce wanton cutting down of trees for charcoal or firewood and over reliance on hydropower.”

During the science week, a lot of activities have been lined up including a Science and Tech expo, industrial visits and girls stem mini conference.

Shaba also hailed government, Johnson Johnson, Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust, mHub for sponsoring the event among others.

The theme for the science week is “Igniting the power of science”.

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