Government to improve services for hearing impaired people

The Ministry of Gender Children, Disability and Social welfare has assured Malawians that it is doing everything possible to ensure that the rights of people with hearing impairment are promoted.

Speaking to YFM, Spokesperson in the ministry Lucy Bandazi said they are working on a number of initiatives which among others include training of sign language interpreters in the districts and developing a sign language dictionary.

“In Malawi the problem that we have is providing available information to the people with hearing impairment¬† in accessible formats.”

“However, the 2012 Disability Act stipulates that Sign language is a national language for people with hearing impairment so were are working with various stakeholders at district level to train sign language interpreters and also we are working on sign language dictionary,” Bandazi said.

During this year’s International Day of Sign Languages commemorations, Federation of Disability Organization in Malawi (FEDOMA) expressed concern that the government is not doing well in implementing legal framework and policies for people with disabilities.

Malawi has an estimated 86,000 people with hearing impairment.

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