Govt makes strides in newborn male circumcision

The Ministry of Health and Population has circumcised at least 72 infants nationwide in its early newborn male circumcision pilot exercise.

The exercise which may be performed before or after the mother and baby leave the hospital, is part of the government’s HIV prevention efforts to halt the HIV pandemic.

The pilot exercise which started in August 2018 and expected to end in November 2018 targets 300 children from day one of birth to 2 months.

National Coordinator for Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision in the department of HIV and AIDS Martin Kapito said the exercise is a sustainability measure and is going hand in hand with the adult Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision (VMMC).

He further said the exercise aims at reaching out to a wider population which will lessen the workload in ten years to come.

“By doing the circumcision to infants, we are assured that by the end of ten years will have few adults to circumcise.”

Malawi’s HIV prevalence rate is at 8.3% according to the Demographic health survey of 2015-16 and is one of the highest in Sub-saharan Africa.

The Ministry employed Voluntary male medical circumcision as one strategy to prevent HIV acquisition in men and it targeted males from 10 years and above.

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