Govt commits to empowering people with albinism

Government is committed to empowering people living with albinism economically, Gender, Disability and Social Welfare Ministry Public Relations Officer Lucy Bandazi has said.

She told YFM Online in telephone interview that government is aware of how people living with albinism are struggling economically as a result of atrocities that they face hence developing a national action plan.

“The attacks on persons living with albinism that have been happening for the past years have negatively impacted on their economic stability,” Bandazi said.

She also added that they are currently embarking on awareness campaigns on various issues of albinism to ensure that there is access to justice, health and education.

“As government we are also making sure that people living with albinism are accessing justice and the culprits are receiving stiff punishment when these atrocities occur.

“We are also ensuring that sun grasses, huts and lotion which they always receive are available,” Bandazi said.

She added that the ministry is conducting a research on issues of persons with albinism to update the available data in order to know their precise needs and places of living to plan best in their programs.

Recently, the Association of Persons with Albinism in Malawi (APAM) called on the government to put programs specifically for people living with albinism to improve their economic status.

The move was in reaction to a research by Catholic Commission for justice and Peace (CCJP) which revealed that most people living with albinism are poor due to atrocities that have been happening in the country.

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