Artistic Ophenie releases new Extended Playlist

One of the gospel hip pop upcoming artists, Artistic Ophenie has bounced back with a new Extended Playlist (EP) titled “Prodigal Son”.

Artistic, 22, real name Ophenie Maganizo, told YFM online that the EP aims at encouraging people to repent and return to God.

“The system of this world is leading us astray, we are turning our backs away from the Father through our daily actions in fact we are misusing His grace, we can however return to the Father and ask for His forgiveness,” he said.

Ophenie said the new EP underlies his convention to Christ and the transformation he has experienced over the last two years.

“I engaged myself in most of the bad activities a lot of youth are indulging in until I got saved in 2016, So this is my return to the kingdom of the Lord and I`m also encouraging others to repent and return to God,” he said.

Asked about how he is coping up with gospel hip pop, Ophenie attributed it as not easy in being a gospel rapper but beliefs in God’s intervention as the true reflection of his new inspiration.

Ophenie further said: “I feel like I`ve started working on my kingdom career and I challenge myself to use this talent and see exploits done for the kingdom of the Lord through my life.”

“I’m hoping to make a difference in the kingdom of God and I will do all this through him who gives me strength,” he said.

The new EP has six songs of which he has featured different artists including renowned gospel hip hop artist Double Zee.

Mkwaturo, Zoonadi and Miyala are some of the songs in the EP.

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