Malawian woman bemoans poor conditions in Chinese prison

A Malawian woman, Estina Mukasera, who is facing the death sentence in China for drug trafficking has complained that she is living under poor jail conditions.  

Human Rights Defenders Coalition of Malawi, Board Chairman, Robert Mkwezalamba, told YFM Online that the accused raised the complaint through a letter as the coalition fights for her repatriation.

“We succeeded to communicate by writing her a letter asking her to tell us details of how she found herself in this situation,” Mkwezalamba said.

He said Mukasera, who is pregnant, said she is starving in jail.

“She complained that she is not receiving enough food and she is facing challenges when it comes to accessing health services,” Mkwezalamba said.

He added that the accused has bemoaned the lack of justice from the Chinese authorities, saying she gave them all the needed information for the arrest of the main culprit.

Mkwezalamba said they will soon engage government to map the way forward.

Mukasera, 29, was arrested in August this year after being caught trafficking two kilograms of cocaine.

In an effort to help the woman, Human Rights Defenders Coalition of Malawi, wrote the Chinese Ambassador to Malawi to discuss her repatriation.

Mukasera was supposed to appear in court in Hong Kong on October 30 but the trial failed because of unavailability of an interpreter.

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