Police officer to face trial in Dowa defilement case

A multi-sectoral inquiry team into the alleged defilement of a 14-year-old girl in police custody in Dowa has recommended that the suspected police officer should be charged with defilement.

The inquiry team which was instituted by Malawi Police Service (MPS) Inspector General, Rodney Jose, has also recommended that all police officers who were involved in the detention of the girl should face disciplinary actions.

Initially, it was alleged that the girl was defiled at Chisepo Police Unit on October 4 by a suspect who had escaped from police custody but it later transpired that the girl was allegedly defiled by a police officer.

Malawi Police Service (MPS) Public Relations Officer, James Kadadzera said the inquiry team has presented its findings to the office of the inspector general.

Kadadzera said the police will ensure that the case should be pursued to its logical conclusion.

“The service will also ensure that human rights of all citizens of all citizens are respected, protected and promoted in all circumstances,” Kadadzera said in a statement on Wednesday.

The inquiry team comprised members from the Malawi Police Service, the Malawi Human Rights Commission and the Malawi Law Society.

It was instituted following pressure from Civil Society Organizations (CSO’s) including Women Lawyers Association of Malawi, Centre for Alternatives for Victimized Women and Children (CAVWOC), Malawi Law Society (MLS), Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) who petitioned the office of inspector general of police to take action on the matter.

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