Malawi music industry booming

Renowned music event’s organizer Jai Banda says the future is bright for Malawi’s entertainment industry.

Jai, popularly known in the entertainment circles as ‘Mr. Entertainer’ has been in the entertainment industry for close to three decades under the banner Entertainers Promotions.

Last weekend Entertainers Promotions organized a concert dubbed Utsi tuluka in Lilongwe where acts like the Black Missionaries, Paul Banda, Allelujah band shared the stage as part of opening up the festive season for Lilongwe fans.

Jai said the country is doing well in raising the standards of music.

“In the past Malawian artists used to do copyrighted music but I have seen that these days Malawian artists try to play their own music so I think we are on the right track,” the veteran entertainer told YFM Online.

He however said the only problem in Malawi’s entertainment business is the fact that organizers do not get good profit from their investment.

“I think it is still a big struggle like some of us we do because we love it but what we put in we don’t normally get it back but that hasn’t deterred us from uplifting Malawian artists,” Jai said.

Among others, Jai has worked with Uhuru band, Bright Nkhata, Ethel Kamwendo Banda, Ben Michael, MBC Band, Evison Matafale, Billy Kaunda, Lucius Banda and the Black Missionaries.

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