Mixed reactions on Buy Malawi Strategy

As the festive season draws closer, shops and markets are full of customers buying different good in readiness for the Christmas and New year.

To win people’s hearts to buy locally produced goods, government and other stakeholders have been urging Malawians to buy locally produced goods during this season.

But the public has given different observations whether this initiative is showing any signs of progress.

Richard Mwanyali, a resident of Chikanda observed that there is a slight improvement.

“Some people are buying but still more has to be done. The general public also has to change their mindset and companies should also strive to produce goods of high,” Mwanyali said.

Some two residents of the city, Evance Ndaona and Alinafe Senzani observed that there is a tremendous improvement on the same but were quick to say that there is need for much sensitization.

“Yes I have seen a lot of people buying local goods like soap, flour and cooking oil. We only need to improve on sensitizing the public on the advantage of buying locally manufactured goods.”

Reacting to the observations, a group championing the initiative, Buy Malawi Strategy says the move is bearing fruits as it has seen a growth in the number of customers buying local product at the expense of imported products.

The groups Deputy Board chairperson Mike Mlombwa said the initiative is bearing fruits.

“There is an improvement, people are buying local goods. We will still fight tooth and nail to win a lot of people to start buying from local companies so that we help our companies grow economically,” said Mlombwa.

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