NGO for social contracts between candidates, voters

Aspiring candidates have been urged to sign social contracts with the electorate as one way of pledging strong commitment towards national development.

The idea has been moved by the CBO Coalition for Human Rights and Good Governance ahead of the polls in 2019.

Speaking to YFM, chairperson for the coalition Ernest Wyson said the move will empower electorates to hold political leaders accountable once in power.

“The move follows complaints raised by constituents that most politicians fail to honour their campaign manifesto once ushered into office,” said Wyson.

In his remarks, Wyson said that the social contracts will help aspiring candidates to know the needs of the community which he called priority among the priority.

Wyson went on to say that the contracts will see elected members giving the public development projects that the electorate demands.

“The general public will also have powers to confront their leaders should they fail to fulfill their promises or do contrary the needs of the people within a specified period,” he added.

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