Where are they? Anatha, a Diss song or Not?

The new hit song by Seven ‘O’ More and Mazz ‘o’ Openga has stirred different reactions from music addicts and a couple of artists themselves.

The song, titled “Anatha” describes how different people who made it in this country’s entertainment industry have become dormant and unpopular over time.

Since the song came out on Monday, January 7, 2019 some quarters of the society have been thinking that the song is all about beef. Of course Seven and Mazzo mentioned artists such as the veteran music icon Ben Michael Mankhamba, Annie Matumbi, Jolly Bro and others as being silent in the industry.

There has been reactions on social media including Facebook from Malawian artists residing in the country and abroad.

Reacting to the lyrics of the track, Mwiza Chavura of the Trap Squad, well known of his controversial track “Rape,” said on his Facebook page that he will respond to Seven’ diss track for the love of hip pop as he puts it.

“Am going to respond to “anatha” by akuti Seven Kaya? And that song black Nina did… I don’t hate these kids, I love what they are doing, they are keeping Hip Hop alive so for the love of Hip Hop I’m responding, it’s not diss or beef just a response song for the love of Hip Hop”

Apart from Chavura, one of the big names in Malawian hip pop music industry who is currently based in United States, Jolly Bro AKA JB, has come out through a recorded video circulating on social media saying he is making a diss tune targeting Seven, Mazzo and Wikise.

As for Wikise, he is equally surprised that JB is targeting him in his reaction to Anatha song. Maybe the song got twisted when it was crossing the oceans on its way to America. We cannot tell.

But let’s face the reality that most of these artists highlighted in the track are legends. Talk of Mandede star – Ian Linzie, for those born in 90’s and early 2000’s, who can forget how he used to dance? Who can forget the charm that the hit song Sewere, crafted by the Mchinji based local artist Lawrence Mbenjere had? Urban and rural fanatics, old and young, could be on their feet whenever the song was playing in weddings and other ceremonies.

We all remember the Kuche Kuche music award winner Ben Mankhamba. Everyone was in love with his Kadona track back in 2012. One more example is Hassan Goba, a sensation when it comes to anchoring Nkhani za m’maboma on MBC radio. We would all gather around a battery powered radio listening to his captivating voice.

But the truth is, most of these people mentioned in the song cannot be remembered. Why?  A section of young people today do not even know who some of these people are until they listen to the ‘Anatha’ song.

A point to establish: What if this is not a diss track? What if Seven and Mazzo just want to bring back memories of people who had made this country’s entertainment industry awesome way back? Maybe the song only fights for the return of these forgotten household names. Think about it.

It’s been some time since Malawians last heard from some of these people, their music or talent; that is to say they are still people out there who really wish that these people should come back and contribute to the country’s entertainment industry.

According to Seven, one other reason he made the song is because most of Malawian celebrities lost their cue and become silent. Others dropped their guitars after making money and later lost touch.

“People took my song as a diss track but it is not. I made this song because when one gets famous they create a new family that follows you but the problem with most of the Malawian celebrities is that once they become famous they lose their talent and my song is here to conserve that. I want all these people back!”

Aside that, Seven recognizes Lucius Banda, Michael Usi and others as some of those people that have maintained their popularity in the entertainment industry, not because of money but because of the family – fan base they created before.

The word goes ‘Chosatha M’chiyani’ but Malawians are still willing to welcome those people who at one point made Malawian entertainment industry adorable.

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