Malawi needs good policies to woo more mining investors

A renowned mining expert has advised the government to create a more conducive environment for mining investors in a bid to improve the sector.

Grain Malunga said among others government should adopt good policies that would woo more players into the industry which has the potential to bail the country out of the current economic mess.

According to Malunga, Malawi has the natural minerals that can help to boost this nation economically if only government has interest in the Mining sector.

The mineral resources in Malawi are not very well known because the previous government didn’t put much priority on mining,” Malunga said..

He therefore urged the government not to treat investors like thieves and show interest in the sector if we want to have big investors in Malawi.

Recently Malawi has seen a growing number of mining activities which have come with calls to revise policies governing the sector.

Meanwhile Malawi has three mining companies that are doing exploration namely Mkango Resources, Global Metals and Sovereign Metals in Malingunde in Lilongwe.

Malunga further said the investors which are on the ground have done a recommendable job.

He said in the next three to five years Malawi can have three big large mines open if government can speed up the negotiation process.

South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana are some of the countries that have progressed through Mineral Resources in Africa.

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