NGO to sensitize people on social contracts

CBO Coalition for Good Governance and Human Rights says it will start sensitizing the electorate on social contracts.

The organization’s Executive Director, Ernest Wyson told YFM that the exercise has delayed as it awaits parties to finish conducting primary elections.

According to Wyson, his organisation plans to start sensitizing people on social contracts this week.

“We are currently finalizing our preparations we expect to start with constituencies where primary elections for most parties were done,” Wyson said.

On whether the exercise will target all 193 constituencies, Wyson said the organisation is ready to reach to all constituencies.

“Our organisation is working with other stakeholders on this and we are very sure we will reach all constituencies in the country. We feel we still have time to conduct the exercise,” he added.

The social contracts are one of the interventions the organisation is employing to force parliamentarians and councillors to bring development projects that people ask for.

The electorate will come up with their need and the Candidates are supposed to sign.

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