Farmer markets very crucial

The National Association for Small and Medium Enterprises-NASME has thrown its weight behind the establishment of farmer markets by the Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry-MCCCI.

In an interview with YFM NASME’s national coordinator William Mwale said the move will among other benefits assist horticulture farmers to access markets for their perishable goods as opposed to the current trend where they wait for seasonal markets.

“I feel that the idea has come a bit late because in other countries there are special markets where people purchase fruits and vegetables but it is a commendable development regardless.”

The scarcity of sustainable markets for farmers has for a long time frustrated their businesses and led to less returns for their farm produce.

In the wake of the farmer’s market which MCCCI will hold every last Saturday of each month Mwale said the move will improve the status quo.

He said it is important for the chamber to introduce these markets across the country so that every small scale farmer benefits.

Another key point he emphasized on is the need for hygienic facilities where such trade will take place to avoid filthiness in the cities.

Asides creating access to markets, the move will provide a vehicle to educate the community on the nutritional,environmental and economic value of buying sustainably locally produced products.

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