Activist calls for punitive measures in dealing with defilement cases

Renowned child rights activist Lucky Mbewe has attributed the breakdown of morals amongst Malawians as a leading cause of continued defilement cases in the country

Malawi has registered a steady increase in cases of defilement and gender-based violence (GBV) in spite of combined efforts by the Government and non-governmental organization (NGO’S).

A recent case from Mangochi were a 25-year-old is currently in custody for allegedly defiling a 14-year-old learner at one of the schools in senior traditional authority Ntonda.

Mbewe said the country has witnessed a tremendous deterioration in its moral, social and educational values, especially among parents and teachers, and they seem not to know the disparity between what is morally right or wrong

Mbewe has since urged for life Stiffer punishments for would be offenders and continued scaling up of civic education in different communities in order to curb these malpractices So that Malawi build a brighter future for Children.

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