Promote forest regeneration, Cepa tells government

Lack of ownership of the afforested trees is contributing to low tree survival rate in the country, an environmental expert has observed.

The Centre for Environmental Policy and Advocacy (CEPA) Executive Director, William Chadza said people do not take their rightful role in caring for newly planted trees.

“The tree survival rate seems to be a major concern, but we need to look at the ownership of those trees which planted during high profile events, they lack ownership,” said Chadza.

He also suggested that planting trees towards the end of rainfall is also contributing to low tree survival rate.

Chadza advised the government to look for other alternatives including forest re-generation.

“We could also look where the trees have been cut and see how we can manage the re-generation for example indigenous forest along the Zalewa Road have shown potential that they can easy regenerate,” he said.

The government, church leaders and non-governmental organizations have been conducting tree planting exercises since the inception of the 2018/2019 tree planting season.

Tree survival assessments show that up to 60 percent of planted trees survive the first two years.

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