Citizens in market cleanliness initiative

People from Malomo in Ntchisi on Wednesday swept and slashed grass on Malomo Market and surrounding areas as one way of promoting and improving hygiene in various places.

The long day exercise saw both men and women cleaning drains, mopping and removing garbage from unofficial dump sites.

Speaking to YFM, leader of the initiative Group Village Headman Chikowa thanked all the people for taking part in the activity saying this will promote health living.

“I did not thought that people will come in such large numbers, we should all of us be responsible enough to make sure that our market is clean to avoid diseases,” he said.

Chikowa further asked Ntchisi district council to maintain water supply and electricity in the market.

One of the market user, who is a Chips seller Bryson Tembo said it remains the responsibility of both sellers and the buyers to maintain cleanliness of the area as one way of preventing health hazards.

Chikowa has strongly warned all market users to dump garbage in the official dumpsites within the market.

The Malomo residents are also looking for funds for installation of waste bins in the market.

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