Mangochi man fined for careless driving

A 35-year-old minibus driver has been ordered to pay a fine of K 300,000 for reckless driving in Mangochi.

According to Mangochi Police Deputy Public Relations Officer, Amina Tepani Daudi, the Second Grade Magistrate Court gave the order to Alick Ibrahim since such driving endangers the safety of people travelling on the road.

According to the police report, Ibrahim was arrested on January 19 this year at Mpinganjira Trading Centre for mixing up goods with people on board when he was driving a direction of Mangochi to Liwonde.

“The court thought it wise to give stiff punishment to such drivers in order to act as a lesson and would be offenders,” Daudi said.

Therefore, Alick was charged to pay a fine K 300,000 and in default save 18 months’ imprisonment with hard labour.

Alick Ibrahim hails from Chomba village in the area of traditional authority Mponda in Mangochi.

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