Stand up for persons with albinism-Seven’O’More

Lilongwe based rapper cum producer Seven’O’More has called on all artists in the country to work together in the fight against continued killings and disappearances of persons with albinism.

The ‘anatha’ song hit maker made the sentiments following dissatisfaction by some Malawians including  the Association of People with albinism (APAM) and human rights organizations over government’s poor interventions in protecting the rights of persons with albinism.

Seven told YFM that artists have important role to play in creating awareness on protecting the life and rights of people with albinism.

“It is completely unacceptable for humans to kill other human beings for money, please seek other alternatives rather than taking people’s lives and I ask all artists in the country to work together in creating awareness against the malpractice,” he said.

In his remarks, Seven said persons with albinism are also true citizens of this country just like anybody else, and they are entitled to enjoy fundamental rights including the right to protection and life.

He further said he had an opportunity to engage one of the persons with albinism who said he is not afraid of death but the afterlife of his family and anyone who depends on him.

“This touched my soul that’s why I had to come up with this plea to my fellow artist,”said Seven.

The superstitions regarding albinism vary across the continent but many falsely believe albinos are cursed, being punished by ancestral spirits; and their limbs are trinkets that bring luck and fortune.

The results of such beliefs result in bullying, harassment and gruesome murders that trap those with albinism in a holding pattern dictated by fear and violence.

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