Wikise teams up with Zambian icons in ‘Uli Mzingati’ remix

The Lilongwe based Emcee Frank Chawinga known by his Moniker, Che wikise has taken a new twist in his music by joining forces with Zambian trio, Chimzy Kelly, the hip pop icon Macky 2 and General Kanene for the remix of the popular song “Uli mzingati”.

Released in 2018, “Uli mzingati” describes how people values money more than helping each other.

In an interview with YFM, Wikise said the collaboration will enable him to improve his music by being exposed to different international genres and will bring international recognition.

“Mark 2 is a bigger name in as long as Zambian hip pop is concerned, who doesn’t know the Dorika hit maker Chimzy Kelly and General Kanene, these are good artists hence by collaborating them, am giving myself opportunity to raise chains up.”

Soon after Wikise announced the development on his facebook page, the post stirred different reactions from music lovers. One of the comments reads;

“Habusa this will be awesome mwatenga ma heavyweights okha-okha track yi ikupangirani mbiri basi.”

Wikise said Uli mzingati remix will be the first single of Chimzy Kelly this year.

Despite this achievement, Wikise said he will not back down but go harder until he reaches where he wants with his music.

The song has been produced by TAFF beats and Chimzy Kelly himself and will be released on March 2, 2019.

Lately, Malawian artists including Ty Grin, Dan Lu and Lulu have collaborated with other renowned international artists.

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