Grittah’s camp glitters with hope for youth in arts

Long time events space in the Capital City Lilongwe Grittah’s Camp promises to bring hope to young people in various arts disciplines, especially in the high density areas of Kawale, Kaliyeka, Chilinde and Area 23.

The space, which is now under new management of Tumaini Letu, a brand which is managing various projects at Dzaleka Refugee Camp such as the Annual Tumaini Festival, seeks to create a platform for up and coming artists especially young people as a way of promoting arts and culture in the country.

Speaking to YFM, Founder of Tumaini Letu, Menes Le Plume said they intend to turn Grittah’s Camp into a cultural hub that will assist the arts and culture sector in the country flourish and help in the discovery of new talent.

“We have a lot of issues that young people are facing but they don’t have a space where they can meet and discuss the challenges they are facing, apart from arts, young people will have a space where they can meet and have debates. We are here for cultural development,” said Le Plume.

Le Plume further said Grittah’s Camp is going to carry out its operations beyond being an events venue as it also intends to host other youth centered events such as panel discussions, as a way of giving young people chance to talk over issues affecting them in their respective societies.

The opening ceremony for the events space will take place this coming Friday on 22nd February, and one of Malawi’s finest guitarists, Agorroso will headline the show spiced up by female DJ RJ.

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