APAM withdraws from presidential task force

The Association of Persons with Albinism in Malawi (APAM) has withdrawn its membership from the Presidential Task force on Persons with Albinism with immediate effect.

APAM President Overstone Kondowe said the move is in reaction to ‘careless public statements’ made by minister of Homeland Security Nicholas Dausi at a press conference on Tuesday.

Dausi said attacks on people with albinism have not yet reached a point where people with albinism can seek asylum in other countries.

According to Kondowe, the statement clearly demonstrates lack of seriousness in fulfilling duties and responsibility to protect persons with albinism.

However, in a letter addressed to the Presidential Taskforce chairperson, APAM has demanded action on demands that the association agreed with government.

Among others the association demands the government to uncover the market which fuels attacks on persons with albinism through commission of inquiry, research and hiring of foreign investigation experts.

APAM also demanded improvement on access of justice through establishment of special ad hoc courts to try and sentence those arrested in connection with attacks on Persons with Albinism.

Other demands are rolling out of the 2018 National Action Plan on Persons with Albinism (NAP), to intensify security of persons with albinism across the country and to Increase socio-economic support to persons with albinism and to register and regulate the traditional healers in the country.

According to APAM, 163 cases of attacks against people with albinism have so far been registered in the country.

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