Malceba promises fireworks in ‘Palibe’ video

Award winning Lilongwe based rapper Malceba real name Mazaka Smart Elson Banda is set to release visuals for his new hit ‘Palibe’ in two weeks time.

Since its release, the song has sparked different reactions from Malawians especially in a political point of view.

In the introductory lines of the second verse, Malceba addresses various social ills existing in a community where greedy politicians promise and never fulfill anything.

He therefore foretells doom for such politicians in the coming tripartite elections.

Malceba sings; ‘Chaka china chake anabwera mu ghetto, mukandivotera mavuto mkumapeto, patha zaka zingapo chomwe apanga ndi Palibe, a MP akwathu dzina lawo ndi a Palibe….Miseu? Palibe! Mijigo? Palibe! Milatho? Palibe! Chitukuko? Palibe! Maso ali nawo koma vision alibe, 2019 Vote yanga mulibe’.

Malceba told YFM that he is working with Sukez of HD Plus Creations and he will release two videos from two versions of the song.

“Of course it will take longer than expected but I think by the end of two weeks both songs will be out and everyone will enjoy them,” he said.

Asked on why he came up with the song, the ‘Apse mtima’ hit maker said: “There are things that we have but they are not being beneficial to us; talking of relationships, politics, work.”

“We put politicians in power but they always do nothing, so it’s my part of turning people that whoever you are voting for make sure he or she is the right candidate that will not do palibe,” he said.

In the new song the rapper further vents his annoyance as young people in the country continue to face problems on the labour market.

He said: “Ku sukulu tidapita, pepala tili nalo, ntchito m’kumagwira koma ndalama palibe, kuthamangathamanga koma mpamba palibe, tipeza bwanji khusa ngati business palibe, atsogoleri a mawa koma alero tilibe”.

The song produced by Janta features the captivating voice of the Lilongwe based artists and producer AK on board.

Macelba however disclosed that plans to release an album with fellow artist Saint are on hold as they both are busy with their careers.

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