Slessor urges youth not to be agents of political violence

When talking about politics in Malawi, the youth cannot go unmentioned or without being recognized for the numerous roles that they play.

At political rallies, it is common to see a majority of youths painted from head to toe in sweltering heat, and sometimes drenched in rain, showing their unwavering support to party leaders.

Mostly, they are the same youth that become objects to fuel violence and to disturb opponents’ political rallies.

As Malawians are expected to vote for President, Members of Parliament and local Councilors on May 21, 2019, Blantyre based hip pop artist Slessor has urged youth in the country to desist from being used as violent tools by politicians in this period.

Slessor real name Slessor Munthali told YFM that this period should not be used on cheap propaganda.

“Let’s not yield to cheap propaganda. Analyze the candidates based on their potential and not mere political rhetoric. Analyze their character, motives and background. Leadership is a very serious issue,” he said.

Slessor said Malawian youth should play other vital roles in developing this country rather than being used by politicians.

He however adviced Malawian to make the right choice of the candidate to vote for come May 21 emphasizing that just education does not make one a leader.

“I think good leadership goes beyond professional accolades. Malawians have this “Doctor/professor” syndrome where they think one’s education background is an automatic guarantee that one can be a good leader.

“I beg to differ, we’ve had doctor’s and Professor’s in government before. Have we made progress? I think these should be the questions the Malawian electorate should be asking themselves,” he said.

Slessor however advised all youth in the country to exercise their rights in voting for the right candidate in the forthcoming tripartite elections.

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