Asian national arrested for human trafficking

Police in the Eastern Region have arrested Aslam Adam Sakran of Asian origin who stays in Lilongwe, on suspicion that he has been indulging in human trafficking business.

Mr. Sakran was arrested at the Zomba High Court when together with his lawyer went to the court to force the state to release the women who are being kept at a safe place, as they are suspected to have been the victims of trafficking, claiming they are unlawful detained.

“Between the month of December and January, Police got a tip that Sakran, who owns Blue Bird Night Club in Lilongwe was exploiting women from Nepal to work in his bar as night queens,” said Dziko Malunda who represented the state.

According to reports, Sakran convinced the women that he will secure an employment for them only to end up at a brothel.

Worse still, there is an allegation that Sakran has been pocketing the money which men were paying to share the bed with the women.

In his ruling, High Court Judge, Dr. Redson Kapindu, rude in favour of the state saying the suspected victims remain in the safe place but proceeded advising the state that they should inform the Nepal embassy of the kept women.

As Sakran was leaving the court, was welcomed by Eastern Region Police Criminal Investigation Department Officers who arrested handcuffed him saying he was on the wanted list.

According to inner sources, Sakran will appear in court on Monday where he will be officially charged.

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