BLM geared up to combat maternal, neonatal deaths

Banja La Mtsogolo (BLM) says it is committed to combatting maternal and neonatal deaths in the country.

Centre Manager for Zomba BLM, Ella Ngwira told YFM that among others, they have doubled their efforts in the provision of health education among couples to ensure safe-motherhood.

Ngwira said BLM will continue to offer free contraceptive methods to both married couples and the youth in order to deal with cases of unwanted pregnancies.

“We offer free contraceptive services to the married couples and the youth once in a month since the year 2017,” said Ngwira while adding: “We are joining hands with the government in controlling the population and safe mother hood.”

She however expressed dismay with the increasing number of men who continue shunning contraceptive methods saying this is a setback to the fight against unwanted pregnancies and population boom.

“The only challenge that we having is men shunning away from taking the contraceptive methods and at the same the males bar their wives to have these services so  women do not patronize much because of being afraid of their husbands,” Ngwira concluded.

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