Bwalo Initiative geared up to promote women aspirants

The Bwalo Initiative says it is geared up to promote women aspirants in Zomba and Machinga districts ahead of the May 21, 2019 polls.

Bwalo Inititiave Programes Manager Harry Phiri said they have trained women who are contesting in parliamentary local government seats in public speaking skills and how to develop their manifestos.

“We are implementing the project with financial support by the 50-50 Campaign Agency we started at a high note however, some women didn’t make it during the primaries so we told them to stand on independent ticket,” Phiri told YFM.

However Phiri said that they are meeting financial challenges to fully support the women so that they can contest in a favorable manner.

“We hope that in the end we will achieve something though partially it is difficult for us to suit the needs of the women as most of them, their level of education is low and there are some parties which endorse candidates for specific areas,” Phiri concluded.

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