Analyst tips govt on education sector investment

An education expert has advised government to consider priority areas when investing in the country’s education sector.

The sentiments come amid government’s declaration that it intends to construct science laboratories in all public secondary schools.

Whilst commending the ambitious plans, Dr Steve Shara said there is need to put deliberate policies to sustain the developments.

“Last time we heard about the labs they were called mobile labs that gave the impression that they would move from one school to another.

“The idea was that one lab could save a number of schools in a locality but in essence they were stationery and it was schools that were supposed to move to go to the lab,” he told YFM.

Dr Shara said investing in science education can improve the country’s manufacturing industry and the economy.

“This is investment if we invest in science laboratories we are improving the science education of the country. We must see it as an investment with retains in the future.”

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