Malawi to experience more floods

The meteorological department has warned of another possible occurrence of floods due to heavy rains from Thursday to Sunday in the southern parts of Malawi especially in Nsanje district.

Director of Climate Change and Meteorological Services, Jolamu Nkhokwe told YFM that this is due to an intense circular storm from Mozambique which will pass through Nsanje to Zimbabwe.

This comes as people in southern and central Malawi are yet to recover from the floods that have killed 45 people and displaced thousands.

Nkhokwe has asked all people to religiously follow the weather reports so as to mitigate effects of such disasters.

“Because tropical cyclone brings heavy rains and also strong winds that’s why we are saying if it should southern parts of Malawi it means we are going to experience also heavy rains,” he said.

However Nkhokwe said the cyclone will not be as huge as the one the country experienced last week.

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