2500 households benefit from sanitation project

Hygiene Village Project, an organization facilitating construction of improved latrines, says over 2500 households have benefited from sanitation marketing project in Blantyre district.

The project’s executive director, Roy Khonyongwa disclosed this in an interview with YFM.

Khonyongwa claims that since the start of the project in 2016 in Blantyre 2,500 households are living in hygienic conditions free from diarrhea diseases and the project is also bearing fruits in Zomba and Mulanje districts.

“A project is called sanitation marketing which started in 2016 in 12 areas within Blantyre districts. Some of the areas include Bangwe, Chigumula and Nancholi,” said Khonyongwa.

On whether the beneficiaries are able to take care of the improved latrines, Khonyongwa said since the beneficiaries used their own resources, they have full responsibility of the latrines.

“The beneficiaries are able to take care of the latrines since they used their own resources so that makes it sustainable,” he added.

Over 2,500 households are also expected to benefit from the project in Zomba and Mulanje districts.

It is expected to end in September this year.

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