Zomba City Council to ban sale of green maize

Zomba City Council (ZCC) says it will soon issue a ban on the sale of green maize within the city following overwhelming reports of theft in the maize fields.

Confirming the plans to YFM, ZCC’s Public Relations Officer Mercy Chaluma said they will issue a public notice towards the end of this week concerning the ban as a measure of protecting the farmers from unpatriotic individuals.

“We have been getting reports of people stealing maize in the other people’s gardens so we are in a process of writing public notices by the end of this week they will be available in all markets,” said Chaluma.

She warned defaulters of the ban that they will face the law.

“We have noted over the years when we issue these bans people still go on the market and sell so we are going to make some enforcement after the notice. We are going to confiscate the green maize.”

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