Hunger fears after flooding in southern region

The ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development says it is re-assessing the crop estimate survey in 14 districts that have been affected by floods and heavy rains in the southern part of Malawi.

The ministry’s spokesperson, Hamilton Chimala told YFM that they have reached at the decision following heavy rains that destroyed people’s  fields in the country.

The first round of crop estimate survey reviewed that Malawi will harvest 3.3 million metric tons in 2018/ 2019 season up from 2.6 million metric tons in 2017/2018 representing 25.6 percent increase in production.

According to the crop estimate survey, the results showed that the sector was going to boost the economy of the country.

In his remarks, Chimala said farmers should look at their food security and comply to orders issued by different councils, saying  farmers can harvest little after the heavy rains that has destroyed crops.

“Farmers should make sure that they have enough food before selling and make an effort to sell the supply only at valuable prices.”

He therefore, urged Malawians to take care of their produce  to avoid pre-harvest losses.

Despite the fears that are there, the international monetary fund says they still believe that Malawi’s economic growth will increase with 5 percent.

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