MERA brushes off fuel shortage scare

The Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) has dismissed reports that the country risks facing fuel shortages due to transport disruption in Mozambique caused by cyclone Idai.

Speaking to YFM, spokesperson for MERA Fitina Khonje said fuel supply will not be affected because the cyclone has only disturbed Beira route.

Khonje also said that to offset the impact, Malawi is using Nakala, Dar-es-Salaam and Harare route to ensure sufficient supply of fuel.

“We have been using three routes; namely, Nakala, Beira and Dar – es- Salaam but now the Mozambique Baira port has been damaged by the furious cyclone rendering it impassable. The damage has forced us to shift to Harare,” she said.

To this effect, Khonje said sufficient supply of fuel is guaranteed.

“What other reports are saying that Malawi is likely to suffer shortage of fuel is not true. Importation of fuel will run normally because of the shift we have made from Beira to Harare,” Khonje stressed.

She further assured Malawians that the development will not affect fuel prices in the country.

“Prices will not jump upwards because fuel prices are influenced by trends at the global oil market, of course the money we were charged to import through Beira will not be the same as the charges we are going to face by using Harare route.

“However, we assure Malawians that prices will not be affected because MERA will use the Price Stabilization Fund (PSF) to cushion the impact.”

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